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Fertilising Your Lawn - Beginners Guide

by Ivisons2 Admin
Fertilising Your Lawn - Beginners Guide

With every day that passes, your lawn has a little less of the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. If you don't replace these much-needed nutrients, your lawn will decline over time!


What Are Fertilisers?

Fertilisers are a combination of chemicals that when added to soil or land increase fertility. The main chemicals that can be found in fertilisers are usually nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium, these are more commonly known as N.P.K numbers, which can be found on all of Ivisons labels.

It's important to use different fertilisers throughout the year, as your lawn requires different nutrients in certain seasons. During the spring and summer months, you should look for a fertiliser that has higher levels of nitrogen, as this will promote growth and allow your grass to thrive. During winter months, it's important to use a fertiliser with increased levels of phosphate and potassium as this will encourage the roots to strengthen and grow. 


Why Should I Fertilise My Lawn?

Fertilising your lawn helps:

  • Prevent weeds
  • Prevent moss
  • Prevent diseases
  • Encourage healthy growth
  • Aid root development
  • Improve the colour of the grass
  • Speed up rate of recovery


Not only does feeding your lawn with the correct nutrients help all the above, but it also helps you save a little extra cash as you won’t have to folk out to fix issues caused by low nutrient soil, such as, killing moss, or worse, having to replace your whole lawn.


When Should I Fertilise My Lawn?

At the very minimum you should be fertilising your lawn twice a year. The first application should take place in spring and the second in autumn/winter. An extra application can be applied mid-summer to boost your lawns colour and help protect it against drought.


  1. Spring Application – Required

The first application typically takes place around March/April. It’s suggested that the grass has resumed growth and temperatures are around 8-10 degrees, before applying fertiliser.  


  1. Mid-Summer Application – Optional

Many people opt for a mid-summer application, usually around July to green up their lawn and help improve resilience during the hotter months.


  1. Autumn/Winter Application – Required

The last application of the year usually takes places between September and October to prepare your lawn for the harsh winter months.


What Fertiliser Should I Use?

Fertiliser for seeding a new lawn

Firstly, if you’re seeding a new lawn, we recommend using a pre-seed fertiliser. Ivisons 6-9-6 Pre-Seed Lawn Fertiliser is generally the best fertiliser to use prior to sowing. It should be applied 3-5 days prior to sowing your new lawn to give the soil a change to soak up all the essential nutrients. Its high Phosphorus content not only aids seed germination but also improves root development.


Fertiliser for spring application

Ivisons Spring/Autumn Fertiliser can be applied from April to October. It’s a slow-release fertiliser, feeding your lawn for up to 10 weeks. It’s high iron content also makes it the ideal fertiliser for those lawns covered in moss.


Fertiliser for summer application

Ivisons Summer Fertiliser provides the soil with the nutrients it needs to help the grass remain strong during the hotter months. This slow-release fertiliser keeps your lawn looking super green, encourage healthy growth and protects it from flooding and even drought!


Fertiliser for autumn/winter application

Ivisons Autumn/Winter fertiliser helps the soil get the nutrients it needs to prepare your lawn for the winter months. It feeds your lawn for up to 10 weeks, it also helps to protect your lawn from disease, frost and even kill moss!


Organic Fertiliser

You may be after an all-natural solution that will keep your lawn looking fabulous all year round. Ivisons Seaweed meal does exactly that. It's a superb conditioner for lawns, sports greens, and agricultural land. It promotes a healthy sward and increases soil fertility. Not only is the seaweed rich in minerals, but it's also amazing at improving soil aeration and structure, especially in clay soil.


3-in-1 Fertiliser

If you’re after something that, does it all, look no further, Angus 10-2-2 kills moss, dues to its high iron content, kills broadleaved weeds and provides excellent nutrition to produce the finest of swards.