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2 x Rope with 100 Ring Insulators


Each Kit Includes-

2 x White Ropes (6mm x 200m)

100 x Ring Insulators

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This product is ideal for short temporary paddock dividing or grazing fence lines.

Please note, the colour of the rope may vary.


The maximum recommended fence length for this product is 1,000 meters. This figure is based on a theoretical calculation. The actual distance will vary depending on the power output of your energiser and the fence condition.

To allow for variations in fence conditions and poor weather it is recommended to select a product that will be suitable for twice the length of your intended fence.

For maximum performance of this we recommend using connectors every 200m

It is also very effective when used with distance insulators to stop horses cribbing on fences.

Electric rope is a lot stronger than tape and as a result is used more in places where wind is more common.

Ring Insulators

These insulators are to screw in to wooden fenceposts and will hold twine, wire, polyrope (up to 6mm diameter) and polytape (up to 20mm diameter).

These are one of the strongest of their kind and because their solid steel shaft continues round the inside meaning they won’t snap if they get knocked.

They have a wide bearing surface ensuring minimum wear and long life of the polyrope and the wide anti-tracking rings ensure rapid drying to help prevent any shorting to earth, even in the torrential rain!

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