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3 x Reel Mounting Kit + 40 Poly Posts


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This Reel Kit Includes the following-

3 x Hand Reels

3 x Hand Reel Brackets

1 x Metal Multi Post 120cm Post

The mounting post can be set up at the end of the fence and the reels used to wind or unwind the fence lines as needed.

Each reel has a durable, impact-proof plastic drum with capacity for up to 600m wire / polytwine or about 400m tape (20mm)

The galvanised steel post measures 120cm in total with 2 extra prongs for stability and stands approx. 3 feet above the ground when in place. The reels can be mounted at various heights on the post using the brackets supplied. Each reel has a galvanised steel frame with a strong crank handle and locking ratchet to hold the fence line taught. Special eye for well-directed wire routing and ensures the line is wound smoothly on the reel.

105cm including spike
Compact & light self-insulating post with patented interpost linking system for easy handling.
Excellent choice for grazing or subdivision lines for sheep, cattle or smaller ponies.
Has 11 clip points for wires and tapes

*Please be aware that poly tapes/wires and ropes are NOT included with this, please purchase them from our other items listed on eBay*

The total weight of this item is 20.1kg.


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