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Angus 10-2-2 Turf Rise Feed Weed & Moss Killer



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Angus 10-2-2 Turf Rise Feed Weed & Moss Killer

Do not use on newly sown lawns, or newly laid turf until established for six months.

This homogenous granular mix is designed to contain all the nutrient to feed your lawn, whilst also tackling weeds and killing moss. It contains 4 active ingredients and major and secondary plant nutrients.


What does it do?

Effectively tackles and kills moss due to iron sulphate contents.

It is an effective selective herbicide killing broad leaved weeds in grassed areas

Provides excellent nutrition to produce the finest of swards.


Why Choose 10-2-2?

Will make your lawn look great

Kills unwanted weeds and moss

Easy to apply

Professional turf care active ingredients

Extremely effective

Homogenous granules – all granules contain all ingredients


How To Apply?

Rate of Application: 32g/m2 20kg bag treats 625m2

When to apply: May to August; maximum 2 applications per year

Apply when grass, moss & weeds are actively growing and soil is moist. Do not apply when heavy rain is forecast but if no rain falls within 48 hours then water the product into the lawn.


This product is approved under the PLANT PROTECTION PRODUCTS REGULATION (EC) No. 1107/2009. MAPP Number 18983

FOR USE ONLY AS AN AMATEUR LAWN TREATMENT. Read all safety instructions before use.

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations may apply to the use of this product at work. MAPP (MAPP Number 18983) is a granular formulation containing 21.73% w/w Iron Sulphate, 0.057% w/w Dicamba and 0.286% w/w 2,4-D and Mecoprop-P for the control of broadleaved weed species and moss on lawns.




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10kg, 20kg


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