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Croft Logs


Croft Logs – Burning Stronger for Longer.

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Why Choose Croft Logs?

Perfect use in Chimineas, Fire Pits, Open Fired and Multi Fuel Stoves!

Briquettes are very dense, long-lasting, dry high-quality logs.

Guarantee 20kg bag

Croft logs wood briquettes heat is produced almost instantly due to the low moisture content.

Amazing heat output!

They do not spit or expand during burning therefore making them a great safe solid fuel to use.

Most wood processed is FSC certified so you can be sure that this is the cleanest, most environmentally friendly coal alternative available.


How Should I Store My Briquettes?

As the briquette moisture content is below 9%, they should be stored in a dry place without direct contact with moisture. They can be stored in a garage if they are sorted in a log shed. We would also recommend to keep them under a waterproof cover.




Crofts Logs

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