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Electric Fencing Offset Wire Ring Insulators 220mm


Offset Insulators for Tapes/Wires


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Offset insulators are designed to make conventional fences – e.g. wooden fences, barbed wire or wire fences – more secure for animals. The offset insulators are screwed onto the front of the existing fence, and the live electric fence polywire or wire is then positioned in the insulators. The newly created gap prevents animals from damaging the fence, which significantly increases animal safety. An additional useful feature is that they also protect electric fences from discharges. If the existing electric conductors run too close to the hedge or bush, long-shaft insulators can increase the distance between the two. In this way, discharges and short circuits are reduced – the electric fence remains secure.

Area of application:

For polywire and rope up to 6 mm and electric tape up to 40 mm
can be used as an offset insulator or line insulator

Special features:

Extra-long Support, 200 mm long

Easy insertion and secure guidance – thanks to clip fastener

The conducting material is not clamped in place, so re-tensioning can be carried out without any difficulty.

Can be used as an offset insulator or line insulator

Extra-long, galvanised 220 mm support, with screw

Continuous support, capable of withstanding high tension

3 drip points ensure a high level of insulation in damp conditions
Extra Robust
Well suited for use as spacers in front of existing fences

6 mm-thick support

Highly UV- and weather-resistant

Shaft width: 5 mm
Eyelet diameter: 10 mm



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10, 20, 40, 100, 200


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