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Galvinised Electric Fencing Clamps 3mm H4917



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Gavinised clamps

Galvinised  clamps for joining or connecting polywire and wires up to 3mm diameter.

If conductors are tied together only some of the electric conductors will touch and then it may be only an intermittent connection. By the time the fence line has been tied in a few places, the effectiveness of the electric fence has decreased dramatically, using more power than necessary.

When using these connectors the whole  casing becomes electrified and every conductor in the twine or poly-wire will have made a connection by the time it has gone through from one end to the other. This will cause no loss of power and the electricity can flow through the fence uninterrupted.

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5 x Clamps, 10 x Clamps, 20 x Clamps


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