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Galvinised Slip Rail Brackets 4″x2″


Galvinised Slip Rail Brackets 4″x2″

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This listing is for one pack of Slip Rail brackets

*This also includes the fixings*

These Brackets accommodate wooden rails up to 100 x 50mm (4″x2″)
The fixings are 4 galvinised screws.

Slip rail brackets allow easy removal of a single fence rail to provide simple access to paddocks, stables and grazing areas
This Product has been galvinised for extra weather protection to make it even more long lasting!

The slip rail brackets have 2 “U” shape brackets one has a hinged latch on it, this fits on the right side of your opening the other bracket fits to the left side of your opening.
Your timber rail slots through the 2 u brackets across the opening and is held in place by making a notch in your rail that the hinged latch can down into it.

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Weight 88 g


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