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Ivisons 5 x Gate Handles + 10 x Classic Anchor Isolators


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This Kit Includes-
5 x Electric Fence Gate Handles
10 x Double Woodscrew loop gateway insulator (anchor)


When making a gateway in your fence you’ll need a gate handle insulator in both the ‘hinge post’ and the ‘latch post’ and a handle so this pack gives you enough fixings for 5 gates. All you’ll need is a length of spare tape or rope to go across the gateway from the gate handle insulator in the hinge post to the handle.
The gate handle has a strong moulded plastic grip with a standard fixed hook at one end for latching on to a gate handle insulator. The simple pull spring has a loop at the other end for attaching to your electric fence line – please note this is slightly open and can be tightened with pliers once the fence line is attached.
The gate handle insulators have fixed hooks in the centre so they provide a solid fixing point for the conducting line and will not release any tension when the gate is opened or closed.



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