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Ivisons Crimson Clover Wild Flower Seed Pure Mix


Ivisons Red Poppy Papaver Rhoeas UK Seeds

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Poppy has tiny seeds; approximately 10,000 seeds in every gram! 

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Crimson Clover Seeds

Used as a green manure for soil improvements in gardens and allotments. More recently it has been included in cover crop mixtures for agricultural land improvement.

This is a short term annual species.

Quicker to establish than some longer term clovers, it is vigorous at the seedling growth stage and provides good forage for livestock.

Frost Tolerance

Not winter hardy.

Sowing Rate Advice

Approximately 200 seeds per gram.
2-3 grams per square metre.

Ideal Sowing Time

Sow in warm soils in spring and not late into the autumn.


Flowering Plant
The stem and leaves are densely hairy, each leaf is on long stalks, which get shorter as you reach the top of the stem. The leaves, hairy on both the top and underside also has a pronounced mid rib. The stipules between leaf and stem are easily visible and membranous, sometimes fringed with purple. The flower head is a rich crimson to red colour and shaped like a cone. Each plant has a slender taproot, with lateral branches.

Additional Info

It takes about 3 months to flower from sowing (12 weeks),. Average seeds per kg – 320 000.

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