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Ivisons Eco Lawn Seed


5kg – 20kg Eco Lawn Seed


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45% Dwarf Amenity Ryegrass

50% Strong Creeping Red Fescue

5% Micro Clover Pipolina


Sowing Advice

We recommend sowing this seed between March – August (free from frost)

Young grass will appear between 14-21 days under the correct conditions.

Additional Information
To maintain a high quality lawn, apply fertiliser during damp weather in Spring, mid Summer and Autumn, but only after 9 months from sowing.

MicroClover, a fraction the size of common clovers, grows low and blends evenly with grasses for a uniform and attractive appearance. Like all clovers, its nitrogen fixating to naturally fertilize the soil.

MicroClover can stay green even in drought and is highly resistant to pet urine.

The fine fescues in Ivisons Eco Lawn are bred for high drought tolerance, exceptional color, and low grow. Before you overseed , it is very important to remove any thatch and thin your existing lawn as much as possible to give room for the new seed to germinate.

Please note that seed under 5Kg will be packed in clear Poly Bags

Ivisons DEFRA Reg Number – 7447

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