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Ivisons Poppy & Meadow Grass Wild Flower Mix 7


Ivisons Poppy & Meadow Mix 7.

This mix contains grasses.

All grasses and seed amounts are listed in the description.

The packaging of this item may vary dependent on the amount ordered.


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Ivisons Poppy & Meadow

Mix 7

Mix Contains –

10% Crested Dogstail

10% Meadow Fescue

30% Sheep’s Fescue

5% Smaller Catstail

5% Bent Grass

15% Timothy Grass

5%Creeping Red Fescue

20% smooth stalked meadow

Plus the following (approx.) amount of poppy depending on g/kg  ordered

500g –70,000 Seeds

1kg – 140,000 Seeds

5kg – 700,000 Seeds

10kg – 1400,000 Seeds

Poppies prefer to be grown in well-drained soil, in a sunny position. Dig over the ground and prepare a seedbed, adding well-rotted compost if necessary.

Poppy seeds are best planted outdoors between March and May, and also between August and September. Poppy seeds are best sown directly into the ground in their flowering position. Cover seeds lightly with a layer of fine soil. Firm the topsoil gently and keep moist. Seedlings will appear in 2-3 weeks.

Sowing Rate 25g/per m2

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