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Ivisons Supreme Paddock Seed Mix


Ivisons Supreme Paddock Seed Mix.

DEFRA Reg Number – 7447


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Ivisons Supreme Paddock Mix

Long term pasture designed for horse turnout and grazing. Contains NO white clover to prevent bloat and laminitis plus timothy for extra palatability.


Lischka Timothy

Aston Lord Int Diploid Perennial Ryegrass

Denver Late Diploid Ryegrass

Mezquita Late Diploid Ryegrass

Maxima Strong Creeping Red Fescue

Sowing Advice

We recommend sowing this seed between March – August (free from frost)

Young grass will appear between 14-21 days under the correct conditions.

Additional Information

Horse pasture is designed to produce a specialist horse sward that is nutritious ,palatable,persistent and with the correct seasonal growth patterns to meet the needs of the grazing horse.

Traditional grass seed mixtures are meant for sheep and cattle and are less suitable for grazing horses.

The bite of a horse differs very much from cows.Cows use their tongues for eating grass,but horses use their lips.

Due to this,horses can graze a pasture much shorter than cattle,and can graze down below the growing point of the grass plant,damaging it.This causes slow and problematic re-growth of the sword and creates open and bare patches in the sward which fill up with problem weeds like ragwort and chickweed, and weed grasses like annual meadow grass, which is a low yielding un-palatable grass.

The lifespan of such a pasture will be shortened,Superior Horse pasture,resolves these problems and allows for healthy , sustainable paddocks.

Ivisons DEFRA Reg Number – 7447

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13.5kg Bag, 2 x 13.5kg Bags, 5 x 13.5kg Bags


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