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Primus Solar Ornate Duck Ornament


A truly stunning solar feature to add to your garden.

‘The Perfect Gift’

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Primus Ornate Solar Duck PX5053

This solar duck is a very striking handmade piece which adds decoration and style to your garden.

This hand finished Solar Duck is finished with great attention to detail. Its exquisite pattern creates beautiful shaddows one illuminated at night.

The ornate duck produces a cool white glow.

Ducks Size-

35cm x 20cm

Please note that the sensor must be fully charged in direct sunlight for at least 6 hours before use.

Additional information

Weight 1000 g

Key Features

Battery Operated- Charges in Direct sunlight.

Automatic on/off function- Turns on only when in total darkness and off as light is detected.

Discreat Solar Panel – The panel is discretley positions on products, but is in the prime location to attract lots of sunlight.


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