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Single Lock Gravity Gate Security Catch


This product comes complete with 2 keys and the required screws.

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This product is perfect for use on garden gates, around childrens play areas, parks, gates to secure children can not get access to swimming pool areas.

It is very easy to install, the steps are all below + you will receive a paper copy of instructions along with your order.

Can be used on Aluminium, Vinyl, Wood and Steel gates.

Color Black
Product Material Nylon
Mounting Screws Stainless Steel Screws
Warranty Million Cycle Warranty
Keyed Alike No
Keeper Type Heavy Duty Striker Bar
Locking Key-Lockable From One Side
Adjustability Non-Adjustable


Step 1-

The Keystone Advantage one Sided Latch is designed to fit both right-hand and left-hand applications.
To conform to your application the latch assembly may need to be reversed.
To reverse the latch assembly: remove the four screws holding the mounting base, carefully lift and rotate the mounting base.
Step 2-
Locate the desired mounting height for the Keystone Advantage One-Sided Latch on the fence post, mark the centerpoints of the the 5 mounting holes, and drill appropriate pilot holes for
mounting screws. Realign latch and attach to post with the supplied flat head screws.
Step 3-
After installing the latch assembly, position and attach the Striker. With the gate closed, position the striker with the Striker Rod within the latch assembly, behind the latch mechanism.
Step 4-
After installation, TEST the locking and unlocking of the latch.
Lock: Turn key clockwise to stop point, then counterclockwise to 12:00 O’Clock position and remove.
Unlock: Turn key counterclockwise to stop point, then turn key clockwise to 12:00 O’Clock position and remove.


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