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Solar Mate Security Light SMS003


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Solar Mate Security Light

This product is suitable for both commercial and domestic use.

The perfect solution for security lighting for those places without power, this product is designed for the use in Stables, Yards, Parking Areas, Garages, Sheds, Alleyways, Driveways and Gardens.

The mains free solar security light is designed for busy locations or anywhere else that high powered flood lighting is needed. The use of a powerful 2.5W solar panel and 900 lumen LED light unit ensures the Professional is capable of lighting a 100sqm area. The light head angle and direction are both adjustable, as is the PIR sensitivity an light burn time.

The Solar Mate can be installed easily in minutes and is supplied with a connection cable and wall fixints.


The light unit burn time can be adjusted from 9 seconds to 3 minutes, it has up to 4 hours running time in total, with a maximum of 80 x 3 minute activations per charge. The total run time will vary according to the location of the solar panel, weather conditions, season and the amount of times light is activated.  The instructions advise you on how to optimise the performance of this security light.


Solar Mate Security Light comes with a rechargable 7.4V / 2000mAh battery pack and is housed within the light unit. These batteries have a life expectancy of 2 years and can be easily replaced.Spares are available from most DIY/Electrical retailers.


Kit Includes-

1 x Premium grade solar cell / housing (This is tilt adjustable for optimum performance)

1 x Light unit (batteries included)

1 x 4.5m (15ft) attatchment cable and connectors

1 x Pack of wall fixings

And most importantly … 1 set of easy to follow instructions.

Solar Mate Secure Professional+ is an efficient and easy way to provide movement activated security lighting (equivalent to mains brightness) where mains power does not exist, even in the depths of the British winter.

Using a powerful 2.5watt crystalline solar cell, the Solar Mate Secure Professional+ solar panel powers an internal rechargeable battery pack, located in the light unit, during the day ready for operation once the sun goes down.

The Solar Mate Secure Professional+ light unit contains 48 super efficient white LED’s, delivering an impressive 900 lumen brightness – powerful enough to illuminate and area up to 100sq metres away from the light unit.

Its integrated PIR movement sensor can be adjusted both for sensitivity and time, so the LED’s can burn from between 10 seconds and 70 seconds per activation.


Technical Description:

  • 2watt premium crystalline solar cell
  • Light unit contains 48 white LED’s and PIR
  • Light unit is supplied with a  rechargeable battery pack
  • 4.5m connecting cable joins the light unit to the solar panel
  • Wall fixings included

How it works.

Put simply, the solar cell charges batteries located within the light unit during the  day, which then powers the light at night.

Bright sunlight is not necessary for charging to occur – the system will work even with overcast daytime conditions.

The light is turned on when it senses movement, it stays on for a set periiod of time before swithching off and resetting itself. Both the sensitivity of the PIR and the lighting – up time are adjustable.


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