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Greenforce Turfmaster Lawn Feed

Short description

A great triple action lawn feed - This product is not only an excellent moss killer and effective selective herbicide, it also has an excellent nutrition package that provides all major and secondary nutrients for the finest of swards.
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Brand: Ivisons

Hygeia Lawn Feed

This product will tackles (weeds daisy, plantain, clover & dandelion), whilst also controlling moss very quickly due to the ferrous sulphate content. Greenforce Turfmaster will also fertilise your lawn to ensure it goes a lush green colour.

Do not use on newly sown lawns, or newly laid turf until established for six months.

Why Choose Greenforce Turfmaster Lawn Feed?

  • Effectively tackles moss due to the ferrous sulphate content

  • It is an effective weed tonic, tackles weeds daisy, plantain, clover & dandelion

  • Provides excellent nutrition to produce the finest of

  • Homogenous granules – all granules contain all

Mixture Contains:

✔ 10% Nitrogen

✔ 2% Phosphorus

✔ 4% Potassium 

More About The Mixture: 

Greenforce Turfmaster Lawn Feed, Weed & Moss Killer is particularly rich in Nitrogen. Nitrogen is the single most important nutrient to add to your lawn. It helps grass grow above the soil, keeps it looking green and helps it photosynthesize. Without nitrogen, plants are unable to produce enough chlorophyll. Without chlorophyll, plants are unable to produce energy and feed themselves to grow. If a lawn doesn’t have enough nitrogen, the grass will be weak and susceptible to disease. 

This fertiliser is made up of homogenous granules. This means that each granule has the same nutrient analysis to ensure an even spread of nutrients across the sown area. With Cheaper blended fertilisers, the analysis is represented in the bag rather than each granular, which leads to an uneven spread of nutrients. Using a Blended fertiliser can lead to a patchy lawn, parts of your lawn may grow quicker than others and the colour of the grass may differ. throughout. 

When To Use Greenforce Turfmaster Lawn Feed, Weed & Moss Killer : 

Greenforce Turfmaster Lawn Feed, Weed & Moss Killer is suitable for most turf areas, however it should not be used on newly sown lawns, or newly laid turf until established for six months. This product is typically used during early Spring and Summer when moss and/or weeds are becoming a problem. It can also be used to green up your lawn during these months. Do not apply for 4 days before mowing and 3 days after. Lawn should thicken and become a rich lush green colour.  Weeds will start to die after a few days but full control may take 5 weeks for some weeds.  Moss will blacken and will need to be raked out after 2 weeks. Water in after 2 days if rain has not fallen, avoid walking on treated area until the product has been watered in.

How To Apply 

  • Apply at the recommended rate by hand (remember to wear a glove!) or by using a spreader.
  • Water the fertiliser in until it dissolves, the ground must be free from frost, so they don’t freeze.
  • Keep children and pets off the lawn until the granules have dissolved. The granules should dissolve within 24 hours.
  • Remove or clean the footwear you were wearing during application to avoid damaging surrounding areas such as patios.

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