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Ivisons Castaway Liquid Worm Treatment & Lawn Greener

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Castaway is a non-pesticidal, plant nutrient-based liquid that improves turf health and encourages casting worms away from sward surface.
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Brand: Ivisons


For a huge reduction in unsightly worm casts!

Castaway is a non-pesticidal, plant nutrient-based liquid that improves turf health and encourages casting worms away from sward surface, thus reducing surface casts. It helps root zone structures by encouraging worm activity well below the sward surface. It also greens up your lawn very quickly, with a very low scorch potential. 

What are worm casts?

Worm casts are a convoluted mass of soil, mud, or sand thrown up by an earthworm or lugworm on the surface after passing through the worm's body. There are over 20 species of worms and only four lay casts. Castaway helps tackle the castings without harming the worms, leaving your lawn area nutrient-rich. Worms are super important for your lawn as they help to aerate the soil, accelerate the decomposition process and help balance the pH level of your soil. 

Why Choose Ivisons Castaway?

  • Doesn't contain pesticides.

  • Improves turf health.

  • Encourages casting worms away from the sward surface.

  • helps root zone structures.

  • Rapidly greens up your lawn. 

More About Ivisons Castaway: 

Castaway is made from various Sulphur products to lightly acidify the top 2 inches of soil, which causes worms to go deeper into the soil and thus not cast on the surface.

If the casting is really bad the first application needs to be repeated 2 or 3 times weekly before diluting down to 10 Litres.

Also, it’s important that it’s not applied before heavy rainfall otherwise the Sulphur will have leeched before acidifying.

We do not guarantee that this product will work. Numerous external factors can affect the effectiveness of Castaway. If the product is opened and has been used, it can not be refunded.

When To Use Castaway: 

You’ll notice more and more worm casts appear as the temperatures start to cool and the rains arrive. In the UK, this usually means September into October and right through into spring if we experience a mild winter, the first application of the season is therefore usually in September. As the soil becomes wetter, worms move to the surface to breathe, eat and reproduce – usually at night. 

How To Apply 

  • Mowing of the lawn prior to application is a must. Lawn length must not be more than 1 inch as the product needs to gain maximum contact with the soil. Failing in the above preparation will delay the results and in some cases not work.
  • Apply Castaway at the recommended application rate, applied through standard spray equipment. 
  • Allow 2-3 days from application to begin to see the benefits of reduction in surface casts. Reduce time between applications if it is very wet. 
  • If casting is really bad the first application needs repeated 2 or 3 times weekly.
  • Best to avoid application immediately before the rain and re-apply after rain. 
  • Remove or clean the footwear you were wearing during application to avoid damaging surrounding areas such as patios.

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