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Defra Certified Grass Seed
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Ivisons Premium Grass Seed & Fertiliser Bundle

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Brand: Ivisons

Grass Seed:

The Perfect Bundle For Any Lawn

Ivisons Hard Wearing Grass Seed covers approximately 50m². Looking for a beautiful hardwearing lawn to be proud of? A quality 50:50 mix designed to thrive even in the highest traffic of areas, Ivisons Premium Hardwearing Grass Seed is the mix for you. If you’re looking for a super durable lawn but you don’t want to compromise on quality, look no further. This multi-purpose lawn mix is super hard-wearing and provides a lusciously green, dense lawn. 

Dwarf Perennial Rye Grass and Strong Creeping Red Fescue are the ideal grass species for those who want to easily establish and maintain a high-quality lawn. The wear-and-tear tolerance of this mix is incredibly high, making it suitable for those high traffic areas where your lawn may be getting a beating with all the fun your children and pets may be having.  

Ivisons Pre Seed Fertiliser is your lawn's best friend! Applying Pre-Seed Fertiliser, 3 to 5 days before sowing grass seed or laying turf, will provide the soil with the essential nutrients allowing the seedlings/turf to establish strong roots to ensure your lawn gets off to the best possible start. The mini granules promote even distribution of nutrients over your lawn.

Please note if the fertiliser is applied during very hot temperatures, it can scorch your grass. We recommend applying Pre-Seed Fertiliser on a cool evening or when it is overcast. 

Why Ivisons Hard Wearing & Pre Seed Fertiliser Bundle?

  • Ivisons Pre Seed Fertiliser prepares your soil for new seeds and increases grass growth

  • The perfect mix for front and back gardens

  • The combination of grass seed and fertiliser is ideal for repairing existing lawns or creating new ones

  • Ivisons Hard Wearing Grass Seed is very robust making it suitable for high traffic areas

  • A trusted mix by our customers

  • High-quality DEFRA certified seed mix

Ivisons Hard Wearing Mixture Contains:

✔ 50% Dwarf Perennial Rye Grass

✔ 50% Strong Creeping Red Fescue.

Ivisons Pre Seed Fertiliser Contains:

✔ 6% Nitrogen 

✔ 9% Phosphorus

✔ 6% Potassium  

More About the Mixture: 

Grass Seed: Dwarf Ryegrass is a specifically bred strain of Perennial Ryegrass, selected for its ability to produce a thicker sward than a standard Ryegrass species and its shorter growth habits. 

Strong Creeping Red Fescue has creeping rhizomes. Rhizomes are a network of roots that live under the surface of the ground they typically grow horizontally, rather than vertically. Rhizomes often give the plant a higher chance of survival in tough environmental conditions. This species of grass has a more vigorous creeping habit than some similar species which helps to create a dense, hardwearing lawn. The shallow roots help it to remain green even in the driest of soils. 

Fertiliser: This phosphate-rich fertiliser will provide your seedbed with the best foundation for establishing new seedlings as phosphorus aids healthy grassroots and shoots. The potassium content will help the grass become strong and hardy, fighting off any diseases that seedlings are susceptible to. The nitrogen will give your lawn the desired rich green look we all desire. 

This fertiliser is made up of homogenous granules. This means that each granule has the same nutrient analysis to ensure an even spread of nutrients across the sown area. With Cheaper blended fertilisers, the analysis is represented in the bag rather than each granular, which leads to an uneven spread of nutrients. Using a Blended fertiliser can lead to a patchy lawn, parts of your lawn may grow quicker than others and the colour of the grass may differ throughout. 

How Do I Sow A New Lawn? 

  • Prepare the soil by removing any weeds, moss, stones and other debris.
  • Add topsoil if think the current soil is of poor quality or if you need to level out your lawn.
  • Rake over the site to leave a level and fine finish seedbed.
  • Three to five days before you sow the grass seed, lightly rake in our Pre-Seed Fertiliser to encourage growth and root development.
  • Sow the seeds at the recommended rate of 35g per m2.
  • After sowing, lightly rake over the area.
  • Firm down the seedbed by foot or by using a roller to improve contact between seeds and soil.
  • Give your newly sown seeds a good watering.

How Do I Overseed an Existing Lawn? 

  • Scarify your lawn to remove any dead grass, weeds and moss.
  • Ensure the soil isn’t too compact by raking the area sufficiently.
  • Three to five days before you sow the grass seed, lightly rake in our Pre-Seed Fertiliser to encourage growth and root development.
  • Sow the seeds at the recommended rate of 25g per m2.
  • Make Sure the seeds are amongst the soil by raking the area.
  • Firm down the seedbed by foot or by using a roller to improve contact between seeds and soil.
  • Give your newly sown seeds a good watering.

When To Use Pre-Seed Fertiliser: 

Without carrying out a full soil analysis, it is very difficult to know exactly which nutrients your lawn requires. Our Pre-Seed Fertiliser contains appropriate quantities of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium that will nourish low nutrient soil to aid germination. 

It is best to use Pre-Seed Fertiliser 3 – 5 days before sowing grass seed or laying turf. It can also be used as a lawn tonic to give your lawn a boost throughout the growing season. 


How To Apply 

  • Apply our fertiliser at the recommended rate by hand (remember to wear a glove!) or by using a spreader.
  • Water the fertiliser in until it dissolves, the ground must be free from frost, so they don’t freeze.
  • Keep children and pets off the lawn until the granules have dissolved. The granules should dissolve within 24 hours.
  • Remove or clean the footwear you were wearing during application to avoid damaging surrounding areas such as patios.

Grass Seed Calculator

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